Birth of New Spirit

On Friday, July 5th, Mabel Annabelle took her first breath of life and entered her earthly journey.  She is beautiful, healthy and already wrapping the hearts of those around her in her tiny fingers.  Like many babies, she is a bit confused about days and nights – sleeping when she should be awake – much to the dismay of her tired parents.

While waiting in the family room, I prayed for the first time Mom that the labor would be short and the baby would be healthy.  Mabel was born six hours after being induced.  As we waited, I thought of the births of my own children and grandchildren.  The anticipation of a new human being beginning their life journey comes with a lot of emotions. There is joy, fear of the unknown, love, responsibility, and so much more.  I remember daydreaming about the hopes for each child as they were born.  Our earthly journey takes many twists and turns and doesn’t always follow our plan that was laid out at our birth, but our spiritual journey, I believe, goes exactly as planned.

I believe that the right people are placed in our path to teach us the lessons we need to learn on our spiritual journey.  We have been given sacred trust of a spirit housed in a physical body.  Mabel is such a reminder of how fragile life begins and as a parent how much we are entrusted with the care of the physical and spiritual welfare of a person.  As a child grows to adulthood, this responsibility transfers to self.

The question to ponder this week is how are you nurturing your spirit and honoring the trust you have been given.

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