Father’s Day

This weekend we will celebrate those men in our lives who have been a father figure to us. They are the ones who have nurtured, mentored, taught, encouraged, loved and been there for us. Some are our biological fathers and others may be a grandfather, uncle, teacher, minister or friend. They are all important to us.

My father died almost three years ago in August. In my book, I share the way in which he said goodbye to me from heaven. It had to do with the appearance of three large bucks in my backyard the day after he died. I live in the city, so this was a very unusual sighting. I haven’t see deer since until this past week.

Now, there are three large does frequenting my backyard. I don’t’ know for certain my father is sending the deer this time or what the message might be, but I plan on keeping my eyes and ears open for spirit.

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