When Spirit Is Quiet

There are times when there is so much going on in our life that it is difficult to hear Spirit. The busyness of everyday living, chores, errands, work, family, relationships occupies our thoughts to the exclusion of hearing Spirit.

It is during these times that we need to be close to God the most, yet it is so easy to ignore the voices in our head {I.e.Spirit}. We want to do things our way.

The last few weeks, amongst the responsibilities of life, I felt like Spirit was quiet. In fact I didn’t blog last week because I felt spiritually depleted. In reflection, I now know Spirit was not quiet, I was not listening.

Take some time this week to be still and listen.

Father’s Day

This weekend we will celebrate those men in our lives who have been a father figure to us. They are the ones who have nurtured, mentored, taught, encouraged, loved and been there for us. Some are our biological fathers and others may be a grandfather, uncle, teacher, minister or friend. They are all important to us.

My father died almost three years ago in August. In my book, I share the way in which he said goodbye to me from heaven. It had to do with the appearance of three large bucks in my backyard the day after he died. I live in the city, so this was a very unusual sighting. I haven’t see deer since until this past week.

Now, there are three large does frequenting my backyard. I don’t’ know for certain my father is sending the deer this time or what the message might be, but I plan on keeping my eyes and ears open for spirit.

Near Death Experience

My heart goes out to the people in the tornado stricken Midwest.  The destruction was overwhelming.  Being a resident of the Midwest, I have seen first hand the effects of tornados and been part of clean up crews.  But, I have never seen the likes of the one that stayed on the ground for so long and was so wide as in Oklahoma.

I had a parishioner tell me of a tornado her and her husband were caught in the middle of in Wisconsin.  They were driving in the storm on the highway.  The twister picked their car up straight in the air and put them back on the ground next to the highway facing the other direction.  They were not injured.  She said they prayed during the ordeal that was only minutes in the making.

This same person told me about another close call with death.  I will call her Ellen.  Ellen had a difficult delivery of her baby boy.  During the birth, she died.  She was pronounced dead by the physicians that attended to her care.  Ellen described to me what happened during that time when she left her body and watched the scene unfolding in the delivery room.  This was at a time when mothers where given anethesia to give birth.  She saw the doctors working on her and giving up.

She described a bright loving light beckoning her forward and she felt compelled to step into it.  She felt unconditional love, a warmth that was beyond words, and a peace that was like no other she had ever known.  She wanted to stay forever.  Ellen told me she knew she had come in the presence of Jesus.  Jesus told her it was not her time to stay.  She needed to return to her body, her son needed her.  She understood and fought her way back to her son.  She lived to be in her 90’s.

I had another parishioner who told me a similar experience.  Only he had two near death experiences. Both times he suffered heart attacks, both times he saw the light and felt the love.  The first time he was told it was not his time.  The second time he was told he still had something he needed to do, but after that it would be his choice.

I my book, I tell of another near death experience.  It follows similar paths.  What I find remarkable is what direction people choose after these experiences for their life journey.  It changes them, usually in a positive matter.  Sometimes, unfortunately, we need a really big lesson to put us on a new path to being a better person.  If we are wise, we learn from others stories and change destructive paths on our own.