Dreams & Interpretation

The experts say we all dream.  But, we don’t all remember our dreams.  Some of us dream in black and white and others dream in magnificent color.  We are most likely to remember the dreams we have just before we wake, whether this be in the middle of the night or at the break of day.  It is the same with me.  I remember the dreams just before I stir awake.

I first began to have dreams in my early twenties that seemed to have messages embedded in them from a source I call divine or God.  The messages interrupted my dream.  They were powerful, direct, and clear.  They would be about a person I knew well, usually a family member.  I wouldn’t always be told anything specific of events to unfold, but I always knew who the message was about.  The first time this happened was when I was pregnant with my first child.  I had a dream that I was having a daughter because my mother needed to have a granddaughter before she died.  She already had a grandson and so I knew I was going to have a daughter.  My daughter was six weeks old when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She died after a courageous battle 15 month later.  God prepared me for what was to come.

picture taken from stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/photo/485146

picture taken from stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/photo/485146

After my mother died, the dreams came fast and furious with my mother delivering the messages.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  I would have a dream about a person and then about six weeks later something of importance would happen to that person and I would remember the dream.  After this happen several times, I began to link the dreams to the events.  This was not easy to accept.  I was not at all sure that having knowledge of events before they happened was a good thing.  In fact, I have spent a good part of my life fighting against it.

All of my immediate family members have now crossed to the spiritual world and they are the ones who deliver the divine messages that interrupt my dreams.  When they show up in my dreams, I pay close attention.  I like to think of their time with me in the dream state as little visits with a message.  It is always good to hear from them.

As far as interpretation of the messages, God has been very direct with meIf I dream about a person, it means I am to get in touch with them – something significant is on their horizonOften it is not good news, it is not my place to tell them that.  It is my task to check in and gently see what is going on in their life and if I can somehow help them.  Sometimes it is good news and then I share the information.  Or, it may simply be that I need to reach out to a friend I haven’t made a connection with in a while.

How often to do you dream?  Do you have dreams that later come true?  I challenge you to keep a dream journal and pay attention, you may be receiving messages too.

One’s Calling In Life

Today I would like to address what it means to discern one’s calling in life.  Many of us can go through our entire life with successful careers or vocations without answering our calling.  How is this possible?  We can make good decisions on life’s journey that insures a lucrative career in a field that is thought highly of by the majority of people, yet there is something missing.  There is still something that gnaws at you that you can’t quite explain – something that is unsettling – or leaves a little hole inside you that nothing seems to fill.  Nothing materialistic fills this void.

What might be missing is your calling.  That best part of you that God intended to be included in your earthly journey.  Somewhere along the way, we chose to ignore the small voice inside each of us to answer the call that God extended to us.  This might have been to be a great musician, a teacher, a preacher, a doctor, a social worker, a mother or father, or the best of something.  Many people believe that a “call” is only about being called to ordained ministry, but this is not true.  God calls us too many things.  I believe we are called to a greater purpose.  It is our job to discern our calling.

That being said, we need to redefine calling to a broader meaning.  Determining a calling on one’s life is to understand God’s purpose for one’s life and respond in joy and thanksgiving.   This can mean a vocation, or it can mean something much simpler such as an ability to undertake a task as a prayer warrior, or the friendly receptionist at the hospital who greets patients coming into the hospital.

Once we recognize our calling, our response can only be one choice.  We must answer in the affirmative.  No matter how small or large the call may be, God requires of us the same response.  We are to answer with yes in our heart and thanksgiving in our very spirit knowing that we have answered God’s call on our life and we are on God’s path.

Sometimes answering God’s call does not require much change.  We are already doing what we need to be about.  It is having an ahah moment that reassures us we are on God’s path for our life Sometimes answering God’s call requires much change.  It may mean more education, leaving a good job, taking a risk, changing a primary relationship or much more.  Whatever is required, God will remain with us during the whole process.  When I answered the call to ordained ministry, the process took ten years from start to finish.  I never felt I was alone in the process.  God was present at every step of the way.

If you have a calling that you have said, “not me God”, I encourage you to say “why not me” and let God lead.   The ride might be bumpy, but the rewards are indescribable.

Blessed Assurance Through Visions & Dreams

Blessed Assurance, Christal BindrichHello everyone.  When I first stepped into the pulpit in 1995, it felt like I had finally arrived where God had intended for me to be since I was a child.  Writing this first blog is nothing like that experience.  I am a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I am sure God will lead me in this adventure like all others.  So welcome and thanks for taking time to be with me.  I hope you will come often to explore and interact with me about matters of the spiritual real.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  in the fifties and sixties and have stayed in the area my whole life.  My parents worked hard in construction and assembly work.  Money was often scarce, but there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads.  I was the youngest of three and the only daughter in the family.  So, generally, in hindsight, was spoiled.  I got away with many things that my brothers did not.

I was the first in my family tree to attend college where I received a BA in Social Work and then went on to receive a Masters of Divinity from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary to prepare me for pastoral ministry.  I’ll write more about that in a future blog.

I wrote Blessed Assurance through Visions and Dreams essentially to give voice to all who have mystical experiences but are afraid to speak of them less they be unfairly  judged.  This book is more than a recounting of my dreams and visions.  It is a story of inspiration of a God who changes lives daily through ordinary moments that become sacred memories.  We all have those moments, we just need to be shown that they indeed exist.

My hope for this blog is to have a place where mystical experiences can be safely shared. I eagerly wait to hear your  stories.