This past Sunday, I gave a presentation on dreams to a small group of people at a United Methodist Church in Madison, Wisconsin.  They have spent the month listening to presenters talking about different types of dreams and spiritual experiences related to them.  First they were introduced to dreams as they might be interpreted based on Carl Jung’s work.  I call these type of dreams the ones that help us to work out challenges in our daily life.  We go to bed with the stress of the day and things weighing heavy on our minds and our dreams sometimes give us answers to our problems.

Next an illustrator for a young boy who had a near death experience came and talked about his contact with this extraordinary boy with an extraordinary experience.  NDE are well documented and many new books have been published in recent years.  These people have had a glimpse into life after death, something we all question even those of us with great faith.

And then, it was my turn.  I talked about my journey with precognition dreams.  Dreams that have for many years been considered scary,  burdensome to finally acceptance and embracing.  The source of my dreams has always been through God.  I accept this through faith.  God has sent my departed relatives as the messengers of the information telling of things that have not yet happened.  Because they bring me these special messages I know to pay attention to them.  And, because they bring me the messages, I am assured they are alive in spirit beyond this earthly plain.  Their visits are blessings.

The next time you dream of a departed relative, pay attention to the message they might bring.

Birth of New Spirit

On Friday, July 5th, Mabel Annabelle took her first breath of life and entered her earthly journey.  She is beautiful, healthy and already wrapping the hearts of those around her in her tiny fingers.  Like many babies, she is a bit confused about days and nights – sleeping when she should be awake – much to the dismay of her tired parents.

While waiting in the family room, I prayed for the first time Mom that the labor would be short and the baby would be healthy.  Mabel was born six hours after being induced.  As we waited, I thought of the births of my own children and grandchildren.  The anticipation of a new human being beginning their life journey comes with a lot of emotions. There is joy, fear of the unknown, love, responsibility, and so much more.  I remember daydreaming about the hopes for each child as they were born.  Our earthly journey takes many twists and turns and doesn’t always follow our plan that was laid out at our birth, but our spiritual journey, I believe, goes exactly as planned.

I believe that the right people are placed in our path to teach us the lessons we need to learn on our spiritual journey.  We have been given sacred trust of a spirit housed in a physical body.  Mabel is such a reminder of how fragile life begins and as a parent how much we are entrusted with the care of the physical and spiritual welfare of a person.  As a child grows to adulthood, this responsibility transfers to self.

The question to ponder this week is how are you nurturing your spirit and honoring the trust you have been given.

When Spirit Is Quiet

There are times when there is so much going on in our life that it is difficult to hear Spirit. The busyness of everyday living, chores, errands, work, family, relationships occupies our thoughts to the exclusion of hearing Spirit.

It is during these times that we need to be close to God the most, yet it is so easy to ignore the voices in our head {I.e.Spirit}. We want to do things our way.

The last few weeks, amongst the responsibilities of life, I felt like Spirit was quiet. In fact I didn’t blog last week because I felt spiritually depleted. In reflection, I now know Spirit was not quiet, I was not listening.

Take some time this week to be still and listen.

Father’s Day

This weekend we will celebrate those men in our lives who have been a father figure to us. They are the ones who have nurtured, mentored, taught, encouraged, loved and been there for us. Some are our biological fathers and others may be a grandfather, uncle, teacher, minister or friend. They are all important to us.

My father died almost three years ago in August. In my book, I share the way in which he said goodbye to me from heaven. It had to do with the appearance of three large bucks in my backyard the day after he died. I live in the city, so this was a very unusual sighting. I haven’t see deer since until this past week.

Now, there are three large does frequenting my backyard. I don’t’ know for certain my father is sending the deer this time or what the message might be, but I plan on keeping my eyes and ears open for spirit.

Near Death Experience

My heart goes out to the people in the tornado stricken Midwest.  The destruction was overwhelming.  Being a resident of the Midwest, I have seen first hand the effects of tornados and been part of clean up crews.  But, I have never seen the likes of the one that stayed on the ground for so long and was so wide as in Oklahoma.

I had a parishioner tell me of a tornado her and her husband were caught in the middle of in Wisconsin.  They were driving in the storm on the highway.  The twister picked their car up straight in the air and put them back on the ground next to the highway facing the other direction.  They were not injured.  She said they prayed during the ordeal that was only minutes in the making.

This same person told me about another close call with death.  I will call her Ellen.  Ellen had a difficult delivery of her baby boy.  During the birth, she died.  She was pronounced dead by the physicians that attended to her care.  Ellen described to me what happened during that time when she left her body and watched the scene unfolding in the delivery room.  This was at a time when mothers where given anethesia to give birth.  She saw the doctors working on her and giving up.

She described a bright loving light beckoning her forward and she felt compelled to step into it.  She felt unconditional love, a warmth that was beyond words, and a peace that was like no other she had ever known.  She wanted to stay forever.  Ellen told me she knew she had come in the presence of Jesus.  Jesus told her it was not her time to stay.  She needed to return to her body, her son needed her.  She understood and fought her way back to her son.  She lived to be in her 90’s.

I had another parishioner who told me a similar experience.  Only he had two near death experiences. Both times he suffered heart attacks, both times he saw the light and felt the love.  The first time he was told it was not his time.  The second time he was told he still had something he needed to do, but after that it would be his choice.

I my book, I tell of another near death experience.  It follows similar paths.  What I find remarkable is what direction people choose after these experiences for their life journey.  It changes them, usually in a positive matter.  Sometimes, unfortunately, we need a really big lesson to put us on a new path to being a better person.  If we are wise, we learn from others stories and change destructive paths on our own.


A Soldier’s Gift

My family has a long history of military service dating back to the Revolutionary War, Civil War and more recently my grandfather in World War I, my father in World War II and my brother in the Vietnam War.  We were lucky that they all came back home physically whole.  My brother Jerry who served in Vietnam brought the war back home with him as many vets did then and are doing now with current conflicts.  He also came home with a new gift or “curse” which I write about in my book “Blessed Assurance Through Visions and Dreams”.

Jerry developed a sense of who was going to die in battle.  He told me it was something about the person’s eyes that gave him the sense of the person’s fate.  Years after Jerry died, my daughter told me of a conversation she had with her uncle.  He told her that he would see the person in black and white and that would be the sign that death would be near.

After the war, this ability continued his whole life.  I remember one instance where he said good-bye to a co-worker on a Friday after work and he knew she wouldn’t be back on Monday.  She was killed in a motorcycle accident on the weekend.    It was a huge burden to know something, but not be able to do anything about it.  How do you tell someone to be extra careful because you think they might be at risk or ill?  Having fore-knowledge is a gift but also a curse.

I remember him watching television and Joe Louis, the boxer, was in the audience.  Jerry said he was going to die.  Mr. Louis died the next day.

Being an intuitive comes with responsibility to be ethical, compassionate and empathic.  If you have a gift, I would love your feedback on how you handle your fore-knowledge of events.

Intituition Can Be Contagious

Today I celebrate the 30th anniversary of the day I met my husband!  We are going to go back to the little town we met, Wales, Wisconsin, and to the place we knew as the Whistling Toad.  The place has changed hands several times over the years and we are not even sure it is currently open.  If it is not, we will go to one of our other favorite dinner spots in the area.  I am feeling a little nostalgic and wondering where the time went.

When we married, his children were 16 and 14.  Mine were 8 and 4.  It took a lot of love and patience on everyone’s part to get through the struggles and the joys.  Milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, births of grandchildren and their birthdays and graduations and now weddings have come and gone but through it all our love for each other and our faith in a loving God has sustained us.

One of those most challenging areas for my husband at first was dealing with an intuitive who has crazy dreams.  At first, he has polite and empathic but skeptical.  Than as more things came to be, he started to believe more in my dreams.  He also learned to trust and believe my intuition.  When I said we needed to something a certain way or in a certain timeframe, he began to trust my judgment.  Soon we were on the same page, an old married couple you might say, at an early point in our marriage.  I loved him more each day.

As the years have fallen by the wayside, the most exciting thing for me is watching him develop his own intuition.  When he gets that little nudge in his ear to do something like take the car to work instead of riding the bus or bring home his computer so he can work at home the next day, he listens.  Nine out of ten times it becomes apparent why he needs to take the action.

We all have the gift of intuition.  Some of us are just more tuned in than others.  We can learn to be better at it.  It is a matter of being observant, listening to your heart, mind and body and acting upon what you hear.  I am so blessed to have met my husband and have had a great ride thus far.  He is retiring October 1st and we are ready for the next part of our journey together.  Happy Anniversary Jerry.  I love you.

A Mother’s Love

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day.  I like to think of this day as celebrating all those women who have nurtured me along life’s journey.  The list includes Aunts, neighbors, church ladies, co-workers early in my career, pastors (yes, I was lucky to have female pastors growing up), and of course, my mother and grandmother.

These women taught me how to me a strong, compassionate, faithful woman.  I am deeply grateful for each of their influence on me.  My mother was the best.  I know you are thinking the same thing about your own.  She was raised on a farm in Tennessee and brought southern values into our home.  Her work ethic was beyond reproach, her faith in God steadfast and her love for her children ran deep.  She also had the gift of precognition, so I grew up knowing it was not to be feared.

She died when I was 26 and my grandmother died a few months later.  I became the matriarch of the family at a very young age.  The other women in my life became my mentors and mother-figures.  The person who entered my life thirty years ago was my mother-in-law, Laverne.  She showed me how to be a loving wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother.  From the moment I married her son, she accepted my children as her grandchildren.  There was no “step” in front of that title.  Her love is unconditional and I love her deeply and am grateful each day that when I married her son, I also her as part of the package.

Even though my mother has crossed over, she is never far away.  I feel her presence at the times I need a mother’s love the most.  I pray to God for her to be near and I feel her close.  The bonds of love can be very strong and survive even death.  I have been blessed with many “moms” that I give tribute to this day.  But none are as strong as the love between my birth mom and me even in death.  Be sure to let your mother know how much she means to you this week and every week.

Precious Life

A mentor and friend who has blogged the last eighteen months of her journey with cancer has just been put on hospice care.  She has been courageous in her battle and open in her struggles and her joys.  She looks for the good and calls them her “God sightings”.  These are places where people have walked into her life at moments that could bring despair but instead bring comfort and joy.  To say she is a positive thinker would be an understatement.

Her last journal posting talked about how important it is to tell the people you are close to how much you love them and hug them each day.  We all know that.  We have heard “never go to bed angry”, “treat each other like it is the last time you may see them”, “count your blessings” and countless other bits of wisdom passed onto us.  But, how many of us are faithful to this wisdom.

It is so much easier to hold a grudge, give a cold shoulder, give someone the silent treatment.  Freedom comes in forgiving and letting go.  Life is a precious gift.  I, for one, do not want to waste it with regrets.  So, I am going to take my friend’s advice and give some extra big hugs this week.  I hope you will too.